GERVASONI AT Vestibule- Paris- Sofa and Sofa Bed

Sofa and Sofa Bed

Gervasoni at Vestibule Paris

The collection of sofas and Sofa Bed and furniture Gervasoni is in Vestibule-Paris.

Designer and architect worldwide famous, Paola Navone imbues her creations with an eclectic, colored, hybrid, authentic, dreamy style  …, set designs, exhibitions, interior amenities, the key to any talent ! Milanese by adoption, she works with many brands of Italian design and also internationally, Gervasoni …

Find all products in the collection in the shop 82 boulevards of Sebastopol

GHOST Sofa and Sofa Bed  , GHOST Sofa bed, BRICK, INOUT, SWEET, GRAY, UP sofas.

A unique collection of washable coating machine, especially made for the Gervasoni products  spirit’s created  SINCE 1882

Founded in 1882, the company Gervasoni is now run by the third generation of the family, namely Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni. And if the Italian company has grown through time with flying colors, it also successfully demonstrated a remarkable instinct for always adapt its style to  the times. But Gervasoni’s style , it is above all this innate sense of detail, real trademark of the company ever since. Add to this the use of natural materials of high quality, and obtained a furniture of exquisite taste: sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, chairs and bed and many other high-end furniture.


GERVASONI 2014 catalogo GHOST


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